Tips for your application

Tipps Bewerbung

Alltrucks Jobmarket users already win with their application

An application convinces with personality and completeness. 

Therefore, put your documents together with us and use our tips for your application success.

Step 1

The written application

The application documents include:
Cover letter

Explain what you can do and why you are the right candidate.

Make your future employer curious, present yourself credibly and pay attention to style and spelling.

Curriculum vitae

Impress with a clear, meaningful and segmented structure.

In the best case, the CV provides all job-relevant competencies (training, work experience, skills) at a glance in just a few seconds.


The application also includes certificates and proof of your knowledge and skills:

diplomas, internship certificates, further and advanced training or evidence of language skills.

Make sure that

  • Your documents are up-to-date and complete,
  • You mention the right company name and contact person,
  • your documents are visually uniform, easy to read and free of errors,
  • Date and signature are not missing

Step 2

The personal conversation

The interview with the future employer includes

  • a little small talk to warm up,
  • getting to know each other,
  • your presentation as a candidate,
  • the question-answer game of both conversationpartners
  • and a goodbye.

No matter whether on the phone or at the interview on site -

You have the success of your job interview in your hands

This is how you can get the most out of yourself:

  • Make you clear that you are already one step ahead: That gives you confidence.
  • Prepare yourself as a personality: Be aware of your competencies, tell  about your commitment and your successes.
  • Prepare yourself as a candidate: Be informed and interested - in the company and the job.